I Santi

This project was realized with mixed techniques (photographic portraits and painting) in collaboration with the artist Davide Pizzigoni.
Who are today’s Saints? The common people, the man on the street, who disregards fame and refuses to commercialize the icon of his appearance.
Today’s Saint is the modern hero, refusing to delegate his moral obligations. This rejection of delegation leads finally to take on responsibility and reverses into an anathema the famous quotation of Galileo by Brecht, that turns to: “Cursed be the peoples that need heroes”.
Anyone can reach holiness: our holiness lies simply in our existence, and in the knowledge that this existence will be short-lived.
This knowledge, and its acceptance against all odds, gives birth to the holiness of being.
The artworks of Bergamo & Pizzigoni, with their large dimensions, are an affirmation of their own reality, but they are also aimed at absorbing their surroundings, like a black hole.
This is the meaning of their metallic colour (and particularly of steel), that clearly is intended as a mirroring surface, or even, to be more precise, as an icon of self-mirroring (the observer).
While looking at the artwork, the observer sees his own image, conceptually reflected by the metal. The image in the mirror steals reality and does not give it back.