I Volti

The really unique Volti by Fabrizio Bergamo emerge from an original creative process. This process is built on the pinhole digital art, but expands its potentiality beyond its usual bounds.

The image is elaborated through different stages and emerges without any invasive intervention, such as retouch or photoshop, thus avoiding the risk of distorting its original creative core.

Each piece is created through a slow, almost alchemic process, starting with the impression with the pinhole digital tecnique, which enables the artist to catch its true and most intimate essence, and is finalised trough the digigraphic print.

The combination of the unsophisticated technique of pinhole digital art, harking back to the origins of photography, and the state-of-the-art digital print, lead to an artwork that is ready to go through the exclusive finalising process.

The artist, at this final point, performs a really unique and original treatment on the artwork: thanks to a number of specific materials he is able to turn the photograph into a painted image, thus making it deeper and more significant.

In the end the image, starting from the immediate truth of the pinhole digital art and undergoing the elaboration process of the digigraphic print, is empowered with the three-dimensional deepness that only painted artworks can achieve.